Could intuitive medicine free us from trauma?

Even if they’re not physical, traumas are very disabling. Deep-rooted within us, they weigh heavily on our shoulders and prevent us from moving forward. Would intuitive medicine be able to alleviate this type of injury?

Intuitive medicine: a brief therapy that focuses on the unconscious

What we call intuitive medicine applies within the framework of brief therapy. What’s more, it’s specific to each patient, as it adapts to their problems, their history and what their unconscious reveals. In fact, intuitive therapy focuses on the memory and unconscious of those who use this method.

To grasp the patient’s problem and achieve relief, the practitioner has to seek out the information hidden in his or her subconscious. To do this, they need to establish a relationship of trust. The aim is to establish a kind of intuitive dialogue that enables the patient to retranscribe the information trapped in his subconscious.

In search of the origin of ailments

More and more trauma sufferers are turning to the expertise of intuitive therapists. This is because they will seek to access the origin of the blockage. Once this has been identified, it needs to be transformed and the unconscious mind freed of its burden. The aim is to encourage the unconscious to react and function differently. For most patients, the changes manifest themselves within three weeks of the session. One session is all it takes.

Intuitive therapists work on the assumption that our unconscious has memorized everything we have experienced and felt since we were born, and even what our ancestors experienced. So, alongside medical treatment, they suggest releasing the root causes of chronic physical, emotional or psychic pain.

Getting the unconscious to work differently

In the case of trauma, the patient may be aware of the blockages preventing him/her from moving forward. But his unconscious has installed a kind of protection to cope with this shock, sometimes, suffered years ago. It is this unconscious shield that prevents the person from moving forward. Hence the value of using intuitive medicine. Indeed, the practitioner will access your unconscious to suggest a new way of functioning. In this way, he’ll be able to free you from this handicap.

Medical intuitivism is not intended to replace traditional medicine. Practitioners are not certified health professionals. Nevertheless, they do offer alternatives to help patients achieve wellness. Stress, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, addiction, phobias, depression and many other ailments can be relieved by accessing the unconscious. In any case, it is imperative to consult your doctor before modifying or interrupting any current medical treatment.

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