Debbie Oliver

Debbie Oliver is a medical intuitive and animal communicator with an innate ability and deep understanding of horses, dogs and cats behavior. Her career journey began back in 2016 when she started sharing her unique talents with others seeking better connections with their animals.

With a passion for animals that runs deep, she has spent years cultivating her intuitive abilities enabling her to communicate with animals in a way most cannot. Her clients often boast about her uncanny ability to delve into the animal’s history and accurately identify their emotional state or past experiences.

A medical intuitive for animals

In addition to understanding animals behaviour, Debbie has made an overwhelming impact in the field as a medical intuitive. She uses her intuition to identify issues in animals, offers energy work, and give practical advice on supporting their recovery.

When not working directly with animals, Debbie can be found guiding owners through various situations. Her achievements include swiftly navigating through issues such as ‘napping’ in horses, in which she successfully transforms the stubborn behaviour into a calm and cooperative demeanor.

Debbie’s authenticity and trustworthiness have earned her the deep respect and appreciation of countless clients, who hail her as an invaluable resource in understanding and caring for their animals. Regardless of the case, she goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being of the animals and enhance the human-animal bond.

With a wealth of practical experience and a passionate dedication for animal care, no one is better equipped than Debbie to provide support and guidance to animal owners throughout their journey. Whether it’s a minor behavioral issue or a complex health concern, Debbie’s intuitive abilities and extensive knowledge yield impressive and life-changing results.

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Debbie Oliver

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