Patrice Krysztofiak

Patrice Krysztofiak has discovered his medical intuitive abilities after a trauma in 2019.
A few weeks after his traumatic event, he started to see inside people’s bodies and was able to warn them about their condition and even more surprising, many times after a reading, people noticed significant improvement in their health, just like a miracle!

Medical Intuitive’s work involves helping individuals understand the root causes of their physical and emotional issues. Patrice, like others uses his intuitive abilities to discern the underlying health problems by reading the energy field of her clients. Not only does he often manage to identify the problem, but he also provides guidance on how to maintain a balanced well-being via channeled information. He received messages from your body or your guides or higher “powers, depending on your belief system.

Patrice believes that many physical ailment or emotional issue have an emotional root cause. He helps individuals to connect with their inner self and aid in their self-healing process. He uses various approaches like energy healing, spiritual counseling, sometimes past-life regression, and other holistic methods. His insightful and compassionate approach to healing has made him a trusted choice for people seeking alternative health solutions.

While Patrice’s methodology might seem very unconventional to some, clients have reported significant improvements in their health and well-being, attesting to the effectiveness of his intuitive medical practices. His work does not replace conventional medicine and treatment but complements it by offering profound insights into the mind and body connection in relation to overall health and wellness. Remember that he is not a health care professional and does make no sense in that regard, you could also call him a medical medium or medical psychic.

Interview with Mireille Wagner, Functional Medicine Coach

Interview with Pooja Chilukuri, Naturopath

Video Zoom Sessions are as effective as in person

Patrice also performs his sessions over zoom video calls or other videoconferencing tools. They are as effective as live sessions. Check his calendar on his website (link below) for availabilities.

Official website : Patrice Krysztofiak

5 thoughts on “Patrice Krysztofiak

  1. Lesley Carrington says:

    November 5th 2023 Noon.

    My session today with Patrice was Amazing.
    We delt with problems & questions I had ,also Health, Spiritual. Clearing of these on all levels, some of these went back into past lives as they were affecting me now .
    This time with Patrice was magical, it boosted my self confidence & self worth , I am now more at ease with myself, my life & my future .
    I Highly recommend a session with Patrice 🙏❤️

  2. Suzanne says:

    I had been tired for many years so I asked Patrice for help with fatigue. The morning after our session I noticed that I had gotten several projects done and even had time to relax before leaving for work. I thought “that’s weird…what’s going on?” Then, each day I noticed my house was looking cleaner and more organized, and realized that I was now doing things that required energy without even thinking about it. If I had mopped the floor the day before I would actually bend down to pick up tiny scraps that had fallen on it since, or put away shoes at the end of the workday, etc. And I realized that my brain was feeling more organized as well. It is such a gift to be able to tackle projects that have felt overwhelming in the past. Patrice is a truly gifted healer and an incredibly kind human as well. I wish everyone could experience his wonderful energy.

  3. Valen Dawson says:

    Working with Patrice was absolutely incredible. We dealt with all of the health issues I could think of, and I felt so much clearing work being done. A friend of mine commented after the session how much happier and lighter I seemed, and I was. I felt a lot of heaviness and grief leave my body. Patrice also gave me some guidance on things like my job and relationships as well as health. I highly recommend a session with him!

  4. Francesca S says:

    I have had many, many, many, readings and healing over 30 years. the session with Patrice was in the top 3 of awesome. He found very important issues and old experiences that were affecting me adversely, limiting my ability to move forward in life and affecting my health. I could feel my body shift as the old energy moved out. I’m feeling more confident for my future. He can see on different planes and times all leading to now. Quite an amazing Medical Intuitive. Truly a wow session. ♥

  5. Jill Steadman says:

    I developed a skin rash called urticaria in January following a common cold. I tried all the conventional medicine routes but 9 months and 5K later, there was no improvement. I was off work and miserable, the itching every day was unbearable. Patrice was recommended to me, I knew nothing about intuitive work but I had just about run out of hope. Patrice is a warm and friendly man who is sincere in his desire to help people. He is genuine and passionate about his skills – this was reasurring as I was a little skeptical at first. After a few weeks and just two sessions my skin quickly improved and I couldn’t be more grateful. I am now virtually itch free and much happier. I thoroughly recommend him.

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