Tatiana Slezak 

Tatiana is a medical intuitive, bioresonance practitioner, and the author of the book ‘How To Get Out of the Fog: The Blueprint to Put Your Life Back on Track Through Self-Discipline.’ She lives in Melbourne Australia where she moved 16 years ago from Poland with her family. 

Tatiana’s Story

After working as a bioresonance practitioner for a while, Tatiana realised she could sense things when connecting with someone. At first, it surprised and confused her. But as she practised, both herself and those she helped noticed they felt better afterward, even if they were far away. She tunes into your biofield and makes adjustments on a deep level, often transforming the energy through yawning, coughing, and even crying! That is a process that practitioners call “transmutation”. Tatiana combines bioresonance and intuitive medicine in her sessions when necessary to provide comprehensive support to her clients.

How Sessions Work

You are welcome to schedule a session with Tatiana online. If there are no spots that suit you, contact her directly. In person sessions are also possible. 

How Does the Process Work.

Blockages are released from the superconscious level and then manifest in the physical body as reactions governed by quantum cellular fields. By making changes on all these levels at once with superconscious work, big shifts are created in how things are, which can lead to improvements in different parts of life, depending on how ready you are for healing.

In sessions, we might uncover beliefs, filters, defenses, emotions, and outside influences. 

We may also deal with inherited traumas from family, nationality, gender, past lives, or what’s going on in the world.

You are welcome to read more here: Tatianaslezak.com

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