Amy Elizabeth

Amy Elizabeth is an experienced Reiki Practitioner and Medical Intuitive. Amy possesses unique abilities to bridge the highest vibrational energies of love and healing from the angelic realm to her clients at a soul level. Working in collaboration with the angels, she facilitates a gentle, yet profound, healing experience that provides not only physical relief, but a deep sense of spiritual upliftment.

Amy’s Exclusive Healing Modality

Amy’s healing modality is hinged upon the Angelic energy, a high frequency light unique to the angels. During her sessions, her ability to intuitively connect with the divine allows her to call upon the most appropriate angelic being to aid in the healing process. These ethereal attendants, sensing where they are needed, readily present themselves. Some sessions can often resemble a celestial gathering of benevolent forces, all focused on the healing of the recipient.

Signature Healing Vibration from the Angelic Realm

These angelic beings assist Amy in channeling what can best be described as a signature healing vibration from the Angelic realm during each session. This potent, divine energy is unconditionally loving, calming, healing, and purifying. It wraps the client in a cocoon of tranquillity, restoring balance and injecting a refreshing peace into their very core. This is the undeniable result of the Angelic energy, which works exceptionally to evoke benevolence, tranquility, and love.

The Healing Experience with Amy

One key aspect of the healing experience with Amy is its deep sensory involvement. What happens in her sessions reaches far beyond a typical healing encounter. Clients may experience a myriad of sensations – tingling across their skin, the sight of bright, dazzling lights and vibrant colors. Some report experiencing a gentle pressure, as well as vivid, often symbolic visuals and a resonant ringing in their ears. All of these experiences work collectively towards the holistic healing of the client, merging the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional realms in a unique, powerful synergy. In essence, to undergo a healing session with Amy Elizabeth is to open oneself up to profound self-discovery and rejuvenation. Amy’s talent, effortlessly bridging the gap between the human and the divine, helps recipients tap into a potent, healing energy source that takes healing to an entirely new level. As a deeply connected Reiki Practitioner and Medical Intuitive, Amy Elizabeth delivers not just a mere therapeutic session, but a transcendental encounter that could place you solidly on the path to total wholeness and well-being.

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