Gilberto Caro

Gilberto emerges as a multifaceted practitioner, seamlessly blending the realms of conventional medicine and alternative healing practices. With over four years of experience as a registered nurse, Gilberto possesses a deep understanding of physical illnesses, disease processes, human anatomy, and mental health conditions. This solid foundation in mainstream healthcare is complemented by a holistic approach, where Gilberto transcends traditional boundaries to explore energy healing, chakra alignment, and the subtle yet profound aspects of well-being. As a medical intuitive, Gilberto’s intuitive abilities provide a unique lens into the realms of physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

This skill enables him to identify underlying issues that may contribute to illness, offering a holistic perspective that goes beyond the symptoms. In the realm of energy healing, Gilberto channels healing energy through his hands as a Reiki practitioner, fostering relaxation and balance. This artistry extends to chakra alignment and harmonizing, where Gilberto specializes in balancing the body’s energy centers to promote overall wellness.

Gilberto’s expertise extends to the hands-on realm of physical body healing and alignment. With his healing hands, he can convey energy and promote physical well-being, offering a synthesis of both conventional and alternative modalities. The practice of releasing blocks, a skill Gilberto has mastered, involves identifying and removing energetic or emotional obstacles that may impede the natural flow of vitality. In essence, Gilberto emerges as a practitioner who navigates seamlessly between the realms of medical science and holistic healing, creating a comprehensive and integrated approach to health and wellness.

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