How can a medical intuitive help with chronic hives?

Chronic hives, also referred to as chronic urticaria, represents a medical condition marked by the occurrence of raised, red, itchy welts or hives on the skin. The hives may appear anywhere on the body and last for an extensive period, typically longer than six weeks or come and go for several months or years. The exact cause of chronic hives remains elusive for scientists and medical professionals. However, autoimmune triggers, where the body unknowingly attacks its tissues, are often implicated. Additionally, stresses can also instigate or aggravate chronic hives (source: Mayo Clinic).

Common Symptoms and Causes of Chronic Hives

Apart from the visible outward symptoms, chronic hives can cause discomfort and interfere with daily life activities. The characteristic symptoms encompass itchy hives that can last for more than twenty-four hours, hives that cause a stinging or burning sensation, and occurrences of either same or new hives each day. Getting a clear comprehension of the underlying causes can be complex and typically varies among individuals. The most prevalent causes are infections, medications, substances or insect bites. Furthermore, some patients exhibit inducible urticaria, relating to hives provoked by environmental factors like temperature extremes, sunlight, water, pressure, or physical exertion.

Major Treatments for Chronic Hives

Conventionally, the treatment of chronic hives primarily focuses on relieving the symptoms since the exact cause might be unidentified. Antihistamines are routinely prescribed to reduce itching. If antihistamines are ineffective, your doctor may prescribe a corticosteroid drug or immunosuppressant, depending on your symptoms and overall health status (American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology).

Role of a medical intuitive in Managing Chronic Hives

While these traditional therapeutic options can be effective, they often overlook the potential influence of emotional and energetic balance in causing and treating chronic hives. An intuitive, also known as an empath, energy healer, or intuitive healer, can provide a useful complementary approach to conventional medical treatments. An intuitive can tap into the subconscious and unconscious mental and emotional states that may be contributing to physical stress and aggravation of symptoms.

By unmasking such underlying issues and facilitating emotional healing and stress management, an intuitive can assist in alleviating the symptoms of chronic hives.

Stress Management and Chronic Hives Relief

Stress levels can significantly impact the severity of chronic hives. Reducing stress can thus help manage the symptoms of this condition. An intuitive, with their capability of understanding emotional states, can devise tailored stress reduction strategies such as meditation, breathwork, or visualizations. By fostering mental and emotional balance, an intuitive can enable patients to minimize the severity and frequency of chronic hives flare-ups.

Food for Thought when Dealing with Chronic Hives

Just as stress and emotional factors can influence chronic hives, diet also plays a role in managing this condition. While no specific diet can cure chronic hives, some foods have been known to exacerbate symptoms. An intuitive healer, especially one with knowledge about nutrition, can guide individuals on food types to incorporate or avoid to help manage the illness. This can include advice on avoiding potential allergenic food and consuming a balanced diet rich in natural antihistamines and anti-inflammatory substances like Omega-3 fats, found in certain fish, and quercetin, found in apples and onions.

In conclusion, while medical treatments for chronic hives are indispensable, an intuitive’s holistic strategies encompassing emotional healing, stress management, and dietary guidance can effectively complement medical interventions. This integrative approach can be instrumental in providing relief and improving the quality of life for chronic hives sufferers.

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