Mireille Wagner

Mireille is a Functional Medicine and Nutrition Coach, Gut Health Specialist, and Medical Intuitive dedicated to supporting individuals with chronic conditions (chronic hives, chronic pain etc.) on their journey back to wellness.

A heartfelt mission

Mireille’s personal journey into functional medicine was ignited by a heartfelt mission following the loss of a dear friend to breast cancer. This propelled her into a career change, driven by a deep desire to educate others about the early signs of chronic and autoimmune diseases.

With a firsthand understanding of health challenges like asthma, chronic urticaria, eczema, and seasonal allergies, Mireille specializes in guiding individuals with similar chronic immune dysfunctions towards holistic healing solutions. As a gut health specialist, she understands that poor gut health lies at the root of most chronic dysfunction and is heavily influenced by our thoughts, emotional well-being, and stress patterns.

Mireille’s approach

Mireille’s approach creates the foundation for activating our body’s natural self-healing capabilities. She seamlessly combines clinical and physical work on the gut (3D) with energetic work on the gut (5D), recognizing the intricate connection between mind, body, and spirit. Her strength lies in helping clients understand how they developed their condition, connect with their bodies on a deeper level, and systematically unwind the disease process.

In addition to functional medicine principles, Mireille integrates modalities that address the mind-body connection. She helps clients release limiting beliefs through subconscious reprogramming, while also reducing stress, tension, and trauma stored in the body using TRE® (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises).

Furthermore, Mireille operates energetically at a very specific frequency that is particularly suited to healing the gut. With a strong third eye, she can pass on intuitive messages for certain clients, enhancing the healing process and providing deeper insights into their journey to wellness.

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Mireille Wagner

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