Elizabeth Hechavarria (M.D)

Dr. Elizabeth Hechavarria, a medical doctor certified in the United States, has had a longstanding fascination with biology and the human anatomy since her young years. She pursued her passion and studied conventional medicine, opting to specialize and sub-specialize in various niches. Dr. Hechavarria has extensive experience in academia and industry, having spent significant time both practicing and conducting research in academic medicine. Additionally, she also had a stint in the pharmaceutical sector. She is now practicing in an athroposophic hospital in Switzerland.

However, at a certain point in her career, Dr. Hechavarria faced an existential crisis as she felt confined and disillusioned with the conventional approach to medicine. She yearned for an approach that considered the holistic well-being of an individual, rather than just disease and mortality. This led to her shift towards Anthroposophic Medicine, a discipline founded by Rudolf Steiner that integrates vitality, the soul, and spirit into medical practice. She is able to bridge conventional medicine with medical intuition.

Over the years, Dr. Hechavarria has continued to broaden her approach, undergoing training in multiple methods of vibrational healing at the Vesica Institute. She also delved into the field of BioGeometry, undergoing foundation and advanced training to complement her medical practice. Dr. Hechavarria’s arsenal of skills also includes Radiesthesia (Dowsing), Astrology and Medical Astrology, reading the Akashic Records, constantly expanding her knowledge and skills for a more comprehensive approach to health.

Dr. Hechavarria is proficient in multiple languages including English, Spanish, and German, further enhancing her ability to cater to diverse patient demographics.

Visit her website: https://www.elizabethhechavarria.com

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