Elizabeth Hechavarria (M.D)

Dr. Elizabeth Hechavarria, a medical doctor certified in the United States, has had a longstanding fascination with biology and the human anatomy since her young years. She pursued her passion and studied conventional medicine, opting to specialize and sub-specialize in various niches. Dr. Hechavarria has extensive experience in academia and industry, having spent significant time […]

Tatiana Slezak 

Tatiana is a medical intuitive, bioresonance practitioner, and the author of the book ‘How To Get Out of the Fog: The Blueprint to Put Your Life Back on Track Through Self-Discipline.’ She lives in Melbourne Australia where she moved 16 years ago from Poland with her family.  Tatiana’s Story After working as a bioresonance practitioner […]

Peggy Oberthier

Peggy Oberthier is an evidence-based EFT (emotional freedom techniques) practitioner who uses her medical intuitive abilities to help clients move stuck energy in the body. She recognises the mind-body connection and that blocked emotions can result in pain, illness and physical manifestations. Using her compassionate, heart-centred counselling skills, and her unique intuitive gifts, she carefully […]

Debbie Oliver

Debbie Oliver is a medical intuitive and animal communicator with an innate ability and deep understanding of horses, dogs and cats behavior. Her career journey began back in 2016 when she started sharing her unique talents with others seeking better connections with their animals. With a passion for animals that runs deep, she has spent […]

Mireille Wagner

Mireille is a Functional Medicine and Nutrition Coach, Gut Health Specialist, and Medical Intuitive dedicated to supporting individuals with chronic conditions (chronic hives, chronic pain etc.) on their journey back to wellness. A heartfelt mission Mireille’s personal journey into functional medicine was ignited by a heartfelt mission following the loss of a dear friend to […]


Satveer is a passionate advocate for embracing the divine feminine energy within. With a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, Satveer specialises in clearing stuck and blocked energy to facilitate holistic healing journeys. As a skilled medical intuitive, she intuitively tunes into her clients’ energy fields, pinpointing areas of imbalance and […]

Gilberto Caro

Gilberto emerges as a multifaceted practitioner, seamlessly blending the realms of conventional medicine and alternative healing practices. With over four years of experience as a registered nurse, Gilberto possesses a deep understanding of physical illnesses, disease processes, human anatomy, and mental health conditions. This solid foundation in mainstream healthcare is complemented by a holistic approach, […]

Could intuitive medicine free us from trauma?

Even if they’re not physical, traumas are very disabling. Deep-rooted within us, they weigh heavily on our shoulders and prevent us from moving forward. Would intuitive medicine be able to alleviate this type of injury? Intuitive medicine: a brief therapy that focuses on the unconscious What we call intuitive medicine applies within the framework of […]

Amy Elizabeth

Amy Elizabeth is an experienced Reiki Practitioner and Medical Intuitive. Amy possesses unique abilities to bridge the highest vibrational energies of love and healing from the angelic realm to her clients at a soul level. Working in collaboration with the angels, she facilitates a gentle, yet profound, healing experience that provides not only physical relief, […]

Psoriasis and Eczema : The positive effects of consulting a medical medium

Psoriasis and eczema are chronic skin conditions that affect millions of people worldwide. They are characterized by relentless itch, inflammation, and noticeable skin changes. Both conditions are driven by an overactive immune response, leading to an accelerated turnover of skin cells, resulting in their characteristic manifestations. The Causes of Psoriasis and Eczema The exact causes […]